I took the EFT, or Tapping Class from Brenda in July. I was having some personal family matters that were making me very sad. At the class we tapped through my issue. I started at being at a 9, (on a scale from 1 to 10), and  when we were done after several tappings, I was at a 2. And feeling very relaxed. And after several weeks later, I have forgotten the issue and when I think about it, it seems so far in the past! I'm not sure how Tapping works, but it does! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone. And I have suggested tapping to my friends who are having issues. And Brenda did an awesome job of teaching Tapping. Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

- Gloria

Brenda is a very talented and gifted card reader. Her answer to my question was informative, caring and helpful for my life’s journeys. Her healing messages from past loved ones were precise and messages I needed to hear.

- Cheryl

I have seen Brenda for both an Angel Card Reading and EFT, and every time I see her I have a renewed sense of optimism and faith. Brenda has definitely found her true life's purpose as a healer which comes through in her inspirational messages of love and empowerment. She is confident, dedicated and compassionate, and is an essential part of my healing journey.

- Jayde

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